Audi S4 AWE Touring Edition Exhaust Install

An exhaust upgrade is always a great way to add better tone & performance to your car. Recently, we installed an AWE Tuning Touring Edition exhaust with Chrome Silver tips on our customer’s Audi S4.

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Audi RS4 Sedan Carbon Cleaning & New Fuel Injectors

We recently had a customer bring in their Sprint Blue RS4 Sedan to the shop for a full carbon clean and new fuel injectors installed. As you can see from the images below, it was due for the service.

This glob below is carbon residue we removed from around the stem of one of the valves.

Comparison of one of the new fuel injectors next to an old one, which we believe may have been an original.


Along with tuning & styling, we are also a Dealer Alternative for all VW/Audi service and maintenance.

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RPI Equipped's Audi RS4 Avant

With more progress completed on our Audi RS4 Avant build – which included the addition of blacked out emblems & badging, along with window tint on the driver and passenger side windows to compliment the existing OEM tint – we went out for an updated photo/video shoot.

RPI RS4 Avant on Rotiform Forged TUF Wheels

If you follow our social media (Instagram / Facebook) you probably have seen some of our progress pictures of our recently acquired Audi RS4 Avant which was imported from Japan. In-between working on customer cars, we’ve been giving the RS4 some upgrades, the most recent, a set of forged Rotiform TUF wheels sized 20×10.5 on all four corners.

Here are some teaser pictures we took once the wheels were fitted.


The project is near complete while we wait for a few more parts to be ready to be installed. Once finished, we will have post full details and photos of the whole build. So stay tuned to our social media channels to see the final results.

Volkswagen & Audi Dealer Alternative for Scheduled Maintenance

At RPI Equipped we are passionate about tuning and styling, but did you know we are also a Volkswagen/Audi Dealer Alternative for regularly scheduled service & maintenance?

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Audi C8 RS6 Avants Takeover RPI Equipped's Hoists

This past week was a flurry of activity in the RPI Equipped shop, bringing in a number of Volkswagen’s & Audi’s for various jobs from general service – we are a VW/Audi Dealer Alternative – to full suspension upgrades and ECU tunes, and much, much more.

Near the end of the week it became apparent a pattern was presenting itself in the form of multiple Audi C8 RS6 Avants; which eventually took over all of our hoists. Each booked in for varing installs – from resonator deletes, OEM Alcantara steering wheel & shift knob upgrades, to suspension upgrades like the Cete Automotive Lowering Module or a KW H.A.S. (Height Adjustable Springs) kit, both lowering options providing improved ride heights and stance.


If you’re considering upgrades for your Audi C8 RS6 Avant, or any Volkswagen/Audi, don’t hesitate to drop us an email at .

Audi RS6 Avant Alcantara Steering Wheel & Shift Knob Upgrade

We recently completed an OEM alcantara steering wheel and shift knob upgrade for a customer’s Audi C8 RS6 Avant, making an already fantastic interior, amazing!

If you’re looking for a similar upgrade for your Audi RS6, or any upgrade for your Audi or Volkswagen, don’t hesitate to contact us at .

Trading City Density for Forest Density in the RPI RS6 Avant

With the shop getting busier as warmer weather approaches, finding time to get behind the wheel to enjoy a good drive without a destination in mind is becoming more difficult. So when an opportunity became apparent, it was time to stretch the RS6 Avant’s legs, trading city density for forest density.