Off-Road Modifying

What sets RPI Off-Road apart from other independent shops is our boutique approach to off-road upgrades. Everyone has a vehicle for different reasons. Our passion is modifying customers vehicles to fit their lifestyles. From consultation to execution we make modifying your vehicle a personal experience.

Let us tailor your off-road vehicle to suit your personal style, and intended use.



Spacer Lifts

Mild spacer lifts are great for those looking for a little extra lift while providing better aesthetics, accommodating larger tires, and gaining extra ground clearance. They can also assist in leveling out forward rake commonly found with factory suspension. Spacers are installed above factory springs.

Approx. 1.5" - 3" lift depending on application.


Spring Lifts

A coil spring lift is the next step up, while still providing better aesthetics, accommodating larger tires, and gaining extra ground clearance, you also gain much improved drivability & performance over factory springs. With a variety of options for spring rates from light-duty to heavy-duty, you can begin fine tuning your suspension for your intended use. Coil spring lifts replace factory springs, and in most cases, can be used with factory shocks.

Approx. 1.5" - 3" lift depending on application.


Coilover Lifts

Coilover lift kits are considered top tier when it comes to options for lifting your vehicle. If you are serious about performance, better handling, and the ability to fine tune your suspension, a coilover lift kit is likely the best option for you and your vehicle. Unlike spacer lifts and coil spring lifts, coilover kits replace factory springs and shocks with high quality components designed to work in conjunction with each other.

Lift heights vary greatly depending on application.


Wheels & Spacers

Off-Road Wheel Spacers

When dialing in that perfect stance for your vehicle, track width is just as important as ride height, that's where wheel spacers can assist in elimination that sunken-in look.


Off-Road Wheels

Changing wheels is arguably the biggest visual impact on your vehicle than any other exterior modification. The choices are endless, and the decision when it comes to diameter, width, and offset can be overwhelming. We can assist in making your wheel choice a little easier.


Exterior Modifications

Off-Road Roof Racks & Accessories

When you finally run out of storage space inside your vehicle, luckily you can always look upwards to your roof. Installing a quality roof rack system and configuring the proper accessories opens up endless possibility to storing and hauling your gear.


Off-Road Skid Plates, Rock Sliders, Bumpers

A perfect day on the trail can quickly come to an end due to a simple obstacle like a rock or tree stump. This is where amour for your off-road vehicle becomes essential. From skid plates to rock sliders, to aftermarket bumpers, we have you covered... literally.

Off-Road Lighting

More illumination is more better, especially out on the trail once daylight disappears. If it's lighting up camp, or illuminating the trail ahead, additional lighting is always a bright idea!


Front Runner Roof Racks & Van Racks

A great adventure starts with a great rack as the foundation. Front Runner delivers the highest quality racks and accessories. Click the buttons below for more info.

Slimline II Roof RackSlimsport Roof RackSlimpro Van Rack