What sets RPI Equipped apart from other independent shops is our boutique approach to performance upgrades. Everyone has a car for different reasons. Our passion is modifying customers cars to fit their lifestyles. From consultation to execution we make modifying your car a personal experience.

Let us tailor your car to suit your personal style and become an extension of you.


Sport Springs

For a mild drop, go for a set of sport springs designed to lower your vehicle approx 1.5" to reduce wheel gap, improved handling, reduce brake dive, and give you a more planted and firm suspension feel.



Coilovers allow you to adjust your ride height to exactly where you want it to be. Threaded strut bodies with paired springs are assembled as a complete kit to replace your factory spring/shock combo. Coilovers are the perfect upgrade for the weekend track-star, hellaflush enthusiast, or even the average Joe who just wants his car a little lower than what the sport springs will offer.


Air Bags

Air ride is the ultimate in aesthetics, performance, and function. With air suspension, you are able to adjust your vehicles ride height with the touch of a button. Drop it down to show it off, and lift it up to drive it home. Air ride offers the ability to change your ride height on the fly while you're driving. You want your car to look low, but your driveway is too steep? Air ride will let you have your cake, and eat it too.

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Wheels & Wheel Spacers


Changing wheels has the biggest visual impact on your car than any other exterior modification. The choices are endless, and the decision when it comes to diameter, width, and offset can be overwhelming. We can assist in making your wheel choice a little easier.


Wheel Spacers

When dialing in that perfect stance for your car, track width is just as important as ride height, that's where wheel spacers come into play. It's a game of millimeters when getting that sweet spot between form & function.


ECU Tuning & Intake Upgrades

ECU Tuning

With software improvements unlocking up to 100 more horsepower, you'll be asking yourself why you waited this long. Engine performance starts with a software tune, but can be complimented by air intakes, supercharger pulley upgrades, and turbocharger kits.


Air intakes, Intercoolers, Supercharger Pulley Upgrades, Turbocharger Kits.

Great compliment to ECU Tuning, or as a standalone upgrade are air intakes, supercharger pulley upgrades, and turbocharger kits.


Performance Exhaust & Brake Upgrades

Performance Exhaust

The anatomy of an exhaust system is broken down into 3 main sections, so the options for your car can be tailored to your wants and needs. A resonated system with centre mufflers will keep passengers comfortable on long drives, but a catless downpipe attached to a non-resonated catback will unleash every ounce of power for the track enthusiast (and maybe knock a few fillings loose).


Brake Upgrades

Our OE brake upgrades include low dust Hawk HPS or Stop Tech pads and cross drilled or slotted brake rotors. Dress up your car even further with cross drilled rotors behind your wheels and drive with confidence knowing your brakes will bite when you need them to. For even further brake performance, Stop Tech or Brembo big brake kits are also an option.




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