B2BFAB Mk1 Tiguan, Mk5/6 Camber Correcting Lift Kit



The line of B2BFAB Camber Correcting Lift Kits are the only on the market that provide the lift you want without sacrificing handling or proper alignment specifications!

The Overview: We developed our first lift kit in 2016. The initial kit was a simple bolt through front spacer design and resulted in less than ideal alignment specs, which made for less than ideal handling and tire wear. Both were issues that needed to be addressed. Over the next five years, we tested numerous prototypes and worked to perfect a design that checked all of the boxes. We are proud to introduce the B2BFAB Mk1 Tiguan and Mk5/6 Camber Correcting Lift Kit!

The Problem: For all Tiguan models and the majority of road-going vehicles, a small amount of negative camber is dialed into the front and rear suspension to offer proper handling. When an Tiguan is lifted with a bolt through spacer lift kit or spring lift the negative camber of the front wheels is reduced or removed. With no camber adjustment present on the front suspension components, zero camber or even positive camber is unavoidable with bolt through lift spacers or spring lifts.

“Why do I care?” The proper amount of negative camber ensures optimal contact between the tire and the road through all handling maneuvers. When front camber is outside of the manufacturer’s specified range in the positive direction, the handling is floaty, twitchy, and generally unstable at highway speeds. Unfortunately the Tiguan does not have a way to adjust front camber.

The Solution: By offsetting the upper mounting point of the front struts, our lift kit removes the excessive positive camber allowing proper suspension geometry and specifications.


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