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The DSG transmission found in the new 2022+ Volkswagen Golf R, GTI, and Audi S3 is nothing short of amazing. It’s incredibly fast and capable and requires no hardware upgrades to hold dramatically more torque than what’s possible on other transmissions. However, from the factory the transmission tells the engine to limit power and torque. Our engineers fix this by recalibrating the system to maximize torque capacity and clutch pressure to avoided transmission slipping and damage, and in doing so allows the engine to dramatically increase horsepower and torque! On the MK8 GTI we saw +25-32 WHP and +34-44 WFT-LBS of torque simply by adding our TCU upgrade on top of our ECU Upgrade. On the MK8 Golf R we saw +18-55 AWHP and +23-64 AWFT-LBS of torque by doing the same. This and other changes make the TCU upgrade a substantial upgrade on any tuned vehicle!

Increases horsepower and torque on tuned vehicles
+25-32 WHP and +34-44 WFT-LBS of torque (MK8 GTI w/ APR ECU)
+18-55 AWHP and +23-64 AWFT-LBS of torque (MK8 Golf R w/ APR ECU)
Maximizes the torque capacity of the transmission
Increases clutch pressure to avoid clutch slipping and damage
Optimized wide open throttle shift points
Optimized launch control strategies
Optimized shift times
Protection routines and limits prevent overpressuring physical seals
Protection routines and limits prevent overpowering electrical components
Fully compatible with APR Plus
Free lifetime updates
Direct OBDII port flash (No TCU removal)
30 day money back guarantee


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