Our friends at ADAPTURE created a custom shirt for RPI Equipped. Here’s what they had to say about their creation:

Last year has been a journey for ADAPTURE. We have made a lot of connections and friends along the way that give us a reason to continue what we are doing. Creating together and make special bonds through expressiveness and open conversations. We would like share the same energy and create something that is unique for you.

When you purchase two Slim Fit shirts, Jae Kim and I will work together and create one off shirts by combining the two shirts into one.

This process with take some time as we would require a 2 week lead-time before we ship!

We wanted to start documenting each shirt that we do and tell a story of the wearer that we are designing for. In our first vlog, Kali G and I went to RPI Equipped to meet Warren and delivering him his custom mixup shirt.